Vehicles for Sale

Nissan Urvan “Rainbow”

It’s a 2000 Nissan Urvan.
Colombian Plated *which means that this van can be bought with a poder only, and then driven all the way up to Colombia and title transfer can be arranged once the buyer and the van are there. I can help with all that paperwork*.
It has a 2.4L gasoline engine with manual transmission. It’s a VERY reliable engine, parts can be found all around the Americas.
285.000 kms, oil chages every 5000-7000 kms.
A LOT of maitenance records.
The van has two 100w solar panels, second battery needs to be replaced after not beign in use for such a long period of time.
The rear seats can be moved in many possitions, and as you can see in the pictures, the dining area can be arranged also as a bed, covering the whole width of the van, making a really comfortable bed.
It has a roof vent for more comfortable sleeping in the hot nights
It has a fridge, kitchenette, sink. all the basic stuff that you need for a travel through South America, and all the cutlery needed for the daily live in it.
The van has been parked with me since the beginning of the pandemic. The owners are from belgium and unfortunately they can’t come back again to South America as they planned, We have been running the engine, refilling the gas, moving it inside our plot of land, cleaning it from time to time, so we can give my word that it’s been taken care. We drove this van for a few hundred kilometers and it feels super nice.

Honda Element AWD “Ninja Camper”

2011 Honda Element 4WD
USA Plated *title transfer can be done, so you can buy this vehicle legally here in Chile*
This is a dependable, stealth and economical vehicle. Also it deceptly roomy. Two people can comfortably sleep inside the car.
It’s already set up to overland, beign the home of a traveller for many years driving across the Americas.
It includes sheets, 3 sleeping bags, pillows.
Also includes everything to cook; a two burners gas stove, two full propane tanks, a folding table, two coolers, complete set of utensils, cutlery, serving wear plates, bowls, 110-220v transformer, guide books, camp charis, roof rack, and more.
The bad: a chip in the windshield. the roof is a little dented. scratches around the car, expected for a car that has a lot of stories. Only two seats inside, the glovebox was removed.

Volkswagen T3 Westfalia “Club Joker”

Volkswagen Kombi T3 Westfalia Club Joker
PRICE: 11.600 EUR
Chilean plated vehicle.
It has a 1.9 lt DIESEL engine with manual transmission.
The chassis has 250.000 kms
The engine was swapped by a golf engine, and it has around 50.000 kms since then.
High roof, enough to stand up inside. Has two foltable beds, captain chairs in the front, kitchenette with two plates,
Solar panel, inverter for 220v, running water, gray water tank.
A lot of stuff for living inside included!

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