Start your overlander

adventure in South America

We are a couple of travellers wanting to help you make your own adventure come true.
Starting from Chile to a whole continent.

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Overlanding through South America

Why start your travel in Chile?

From 2015 to 2022, Chile has won the “South America’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination” from the World Travel Awards. So, if you are looking for an adventure, you just arrived to the right place!
Chile is a wonderful and amazing country, also the easiest to start your #vanlife roadtrip in South America. It’s the only country in the region that allows foreigners to legally buy a vehicle under their name, and there’s plenty of options to choose from the local used car market.
And we can offer help to start that journey…

Vehicles for Sale

We have a variety of vehicles avalible, ready to hit the road!

Camperize with us

Did you found a car elsewere, but it’s not adventure ready? we can build your tiny house on wheels!


Paperwork, legal stuff, taxes, aduanas and poder? we got your back.

Long-term Parking

Need to go back to your country? park your tiny house on wheels with us, it will be safe and sound waiting to continue the adventure!