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#1 – Obtaining a RUT

The RUT (Unique Taxes Registry) is an identifier number, similar as the Passport Number. Every Chilean, and expat living in Chile has one, this allows you to pay taxes and sign formal legal contracts, like buy a car and register it under your name.

You have two options to get it:

  • Do it once you’re here, with our help. This option is cheaper, but you will spend a few days making paperwork before you can start traveling. If you’re not in a hurry, this option is for you. Your only option to buy a vehicle is through a Notaria.
  • Do it from home, with our help. It’s a little bit more expensive, but it allows you to have all the paperwork ready in advance so you will not have to wait to get your title (padrón) and start your journey right away.  The ideal is to make this process at least two months in advance from your arrival. You will be able to buy a vehicle through the Registro Civil.

Once you get your RUT, you’re ready to go and buy the vehicle that will be your companion through your adventure. Both options allows you to buy your car in a few days, and drive it legally, but getting your RUT in advance allows you to exit the country right away, while getting the rut here will delay your exit from Chile up to one week. If your plan is to start traveling through Chile, you can get your RUT when you arrive.

#2 – Buying a vehicle

You can choose a vehicle from our catalog HERE.

If none of the options that we have is what you’re looking for, we can help you to find the correct vehicle for you. You can start searching at local websites as YAPO.CL, CHILEAUTOS.CL or MARKETPLACE from facebook.

Once you get your options, share them with us and we can assist you at:

  • Vehicle documentation status check. We will make sure that the vehicle doesn’t have any tickers unpaid, technical inspection approved, anual taxes payed, mandatory insurance up to date, previous crashes, etc
  • Technical Inspection done by us. Once your option passes the first step, we can arrange an appointment with the seller and go with you to a field inspection. We will do out best to check the mechanics of the vehicle., to reduce any risk with the buy.

#3 Title Transfer and padrón

Ok, so you found your adventure vehicle. Now you just need to transfer the title from the old owner to you, legally, of course.

We will join you and assist you in the whole process,  At this point you will need to pay the title transfer and taxes for the buy. This must be done at a local notaria. It will cost around 80.000 CLP + 1.5% of the vehicle value.

Congratulations! You’re ready to start your travel. You only need your padrón (title) which accredits that the vehicle is legally yours, which takes around 6 weeks to be ready. But don’t worry! if you buy a vehicle from our catalogue, you will able to cross borders right away after signing the contract of purchase, even if the title transfer process is not completely done.


#4 – On road assistance

At this point, you will be on the road with your own vehicle. If you bought a car from us, or if we camperized it, you will be able to access our “on-road assistance”. We will provide you with the best tips, advice, routes, hotspots, and all the useful information to make the most of your adventure. We will do our best to connect you with camping sites, mechanics, good parking spots, and answer all your questions.

A vehicle for you

House on wheels Dealership

You need to buy or to sell an adventure vehicle here in Chile? That's our business, to help you get a car at the beginning of your trip, or to receive it at the end of it.

Maybe you just buyed something empty

Camperize your vehicle

We get it. Maybe we didn't have the right vehicle for you, so you went put and buyed something that's not ready for traveling... We can receive your vehicle and, with your ideas and needs, we can build something specially for you.

Park your tiny house on wheels with us!

Long Term Parking

Do you need to left your vehicle sit for a while? do you need to go back to your country in a hurry? we can take care of your car/campervan/4x4/pickup truck for as long as you need.