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Camperize with us!

If you get a car that's not adventure-ready, we can convert it for you, under your requeriments and our experience.

What do you need to transform a vehicle in a home?

After travelling for 30.000 kilometers in a kombi, we can say pretty sure that we know a thing or two. It’s not only about the space for sleeping and putting your things, it’s also about making a refuge were to hide and chill in rainy days, and having a place that work for you and your needs and not against you. The true is that you don’t need much; you need good, durable, nice to look at, comfy and personalized space, and we can build it for you.

Here are some examples of our work:

Mitsubishi L300 mini “Buzzy” bus

This Mitsubishi used to be a school minibus but after retired from her 9 to 5 job she was ready to start a new adventure.

Her new owners found her empy and ask us to camperize it for their trip. In three weeks we cleaned it, isolated, put a new floor and build all the furnitures to make it a small home on wheels.

This van has a comfy indoor space, a good size bed (for a 1.90 mts human) a kitchen that allows the owners to cook inside the van and outside, running water, filtered water, ceiling vent, solar panel system and a lot of storage space.

The layout was design by us, but the varnish of the wood and the textils were chosen by the owners and we love the result.

They had being travelling the continent for almost 7 months without planning to stop any time soon.

Hyundai H1 “Dispatched into the wild”

This 2006 Hyundai H1 was a former ambulance in a small village from the south of Chile. We rescued her and prepared it for a new life in the wild road.

We designed it and build it thinking in a tiny home for potential travelers and it took us 3 weeks to complete this task.

It has a roomy indoor space, a foldable bed and table, kitchenette with two burners, running water, sink, a lot of storage space, and a controlled remote multicolor ceiling led light to put you in the mood.

Almost at the end of the building process this van found new owners and they turn on the party lights from the start. It’s been 9 months since this van it’s enjoying a new purpose in her life.

Chevrolet Express “King-bed”

Meet this 2008 Chevrolet Express. It was a former ambulance too, and has a lot of experience travelling through Patagonia.

After her first roadtrip in the continent she came to us asking for a place to stay while the pandemic was wild. After a few months, the former owners realize that they couldn’t come back from Europe to South America, and they ask us to improve the indoor space for sale. We did it on a really tight budget, and we keep a lot of the original ambulance furnitures but we tried to cover them up as much as possible, and we love the clear aesthetic that we reach.

It has a huge bed (almost king),  foldable dining table, kitchen, sink, running water, solar panel system, high clearance and front and rear AC.

This van was one of our first builds and it’s close to our hearts.

Volkswagen T2 Kombi “Amunche”

Our first and most important project. Meet Amunche, a 1989 Brazilian Volkswagen kombi.

This was our first home on wheels and the beginning of our love for travel and explore.

We started building it back in 2013 without having any experience in woodwork, and we are really proud of the result.

She has a foldable bed, kitchen, sink, running water, solar panel system, dining table and all the storage that you can put on a kombi bus.

We lived and traveled on Amunche for over a year, and after 25.000 kms of travel, we decided to sell it (with a lot of tears and guilt) to a beautiful Swiss couple who traveled in Amunche for another year.

After us, Amunche has been travelling through the continent 4 times now!, and waiting for the fifth couple to arrive to continue the journey of Amunche.

A vehicle for you

House on wheels Dealership

You need to buy or to sell an adventure vehicle here in Chile? That's our business, to help you get a car at the beginning of your trip, or to receive it at the end of it.

Forget the paperwork headaches

Our services will help you

There’s something worse than paperwork? Doing paperwork in a different country, and in another language. We can take over and do all the paperwork that you need to start your trip, so a lot of stress can be avoid.

Park your tiny house on wheels with us!

Long Term Parking

Do you need to left your vehicle sit for a while? do you need to go back to your country in a hurry? we can take care of your car/campervan/4x4/pickup truck for as long as you need.