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Price: 7.900 euros


207.000 kms
7.900 euros

This tiny home on wheels it’s a Chevrolet N300 from 2013, and it’s ready for a new adventure. It’s a perfect van for travelling South America, and because it’s small, is very easy to move even on the tiniest roads. It has back wheel drive, so it can climb most mountains and there is no problem driving on gravel roads.
This van can be a little to small for someone tall, but for the last owners (they were 1.69m and 1.75m tall) it was a comfy bed and a cozy inside.

In the back door you have access to the kitchen area with enough space for storage and a stove.

It’s a reliable van and it’s a quite common car, so in any case that you need a mechanic, you will be finding one really easily.

It includes:


  • Comfortable custom sized mattress, two pillows, one big sheet to share, bed-covers
  • Right next to the bed you have a personal storage space for all your important belongings
  • Mosquito nets for all three doors in the back for calm nights
  • Black out curtain in the front for privacy and blocking out light


  • Pull out kitchen in the back of the car (covered by the back door so you can even cook while it´s raining)
  • Camping gas stove (used with camping gas bottles, which you can find easily almost everywhere)
  • Lots of storage space for utensils, food etc.
  • Basic utensils for two people
  • Mechanical water pump, suitable for 20l drinking water canisters
  • Another foldable 20 l canister that we used to wash our dishes


  • Folding chairs and folding table
  • Storing area under the bed with an extra box for clothes
  • Tarp for rain and sun cover
  • Secret spot to hide important papers and belonging (laptop etc.)


  • Small 150W battery to charge all your electronic devices
  • Cooling box (with option to connect to the car electricity)
  • Two fans (you can also connect to car electricity)
  • FM-bluetooth transmitter to connect phone to radio, including USB-charger
  • Two 20l water tanks on the roof (for shower etc.)
  • Jumper cables
  • Fire extinguisher, warning jacket, triangle and snow chains
  • Toolbox with most important tools and automotive fluids you need
  • 5th wheel