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2013 MITSUBISHI L300 2.4


L300 2.4
188.000 kms

This adventure vehicule it’s looking for new owners. It’s a Mitsubishi L300 from 2013, 5 gear manual transmission, 4 Seats (3 in front, and 1 in the back). It’s conditioned with everything you need for two people travelling and sleeping inside.

The van is very well equipped with everything needed to travel independently !

You can also share your trip with friends/other backpackers because we added an extra seatbelt at the back.
We also leave a table camping with 4 camping chairs and there is a lot of dishes/kitchen ustensiles.
There’s also a tent for 2 people for trekking inclued.
You can also sit, cook and eat in the van with the middle table and the light we added inside.
The pillow are new and once lying down make a large pleasant bed to sleep in that fits for tall people.

In good condition. Latest Maintenance:
At 177.000: New head gasket and New radiator + changing mechanical engine parts (pistons, spark plugs)
At 176.000: changed auxiliary belts, oil and filters
At 175.000 changed timing belt
At 171.00 changed tires, shock absorbers, brake pads, oil, coolant and filters.

Permiso de circulación: 31/03/2024
Revisión técnica: 07/2023
SOAP (insurance): 31/03/2024