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Price: 11.800 euros

2020 Chevrolet N300 Max 1.2

This tinyhome on wheels it’s looking for new owners to travel around the continent. It’s a Chevrolet n300 MAX 1,2L from 2020 and it’s perfect for two people to sleep and live on the road.

It has a living room area that transform into a double size bed and in the back it has a wooden cabinet for the kitchen area and storage. It´s very minimal and organized. As it is very conveniently arranged no space inside is wasted, while it’s still small enough to get discounts at campsites or the ferry.

It has a solar panel system with an additional 100Ah battery and 20L fridge so you can be off-grid without any problems.

The kitchen is fully equipped with a 2 burner stove. The back door can be used as a roof to spend shade and weather protection.

You can use the 4 parts of the mattress to build 1 or 2 sofas inside the van. It is even possible to chill inside with up to 4 people or take along 2-3 more people while driving.

N300 Max van 1.2
58.000 kms
11.800 euros