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Price: 5.500 euros


Vitara JLX
273.500 kms
5.500 euros

🚗 Embark on Your Next Adventure with Our 1997 Suzuki Vitara JLX (Julio)!

Are you ready to explore the world with a trusty companion by your side? Meet Julio, our beloved 1997 Suzuki Vitara JLX, eagerly waiting to accompany you on your next journey. With a rich history of traversing South America’s most rugged terrains, Julio is not just a car; it’s a testament to unforgettable adventures and unforgettable memories. Join us as we bid farewell to Julio and invite you to take the reins of this remarkable vehicle.

🌎 Proven Journey: Julio has traveled from Chile to Colombia and back, passing through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina, making him an experienced traveler.

📋 Vehicle Details:

  • Capabilities: 2WD and high/low 4WD for conquering steep roads
  • Engine: Gasoline, 1.6-liter engine, 40-liter tank, 5 gears, approximately 100 horsepower
  • Features: Additional headlights, spare tire, roof rack

🔧 Modifications/Updates:

  • Custom holder for two 20-liter canisters
  • Wooden platform in trunk with three crates (60x40x20cm), pull-out shelves, and a 20-liter Alpicool refrigerator
  • Upgraded to a 55Ah Yellow-Top battery
  • Recent replacements: front and back tires, alternator, drive belt, front brake calipers, radiator
  • Complete inspection at 256,000 kilometers with extensive maintenance documented

🎁 Included Equipment:

  • 20-liter Alpicool refrigerator
  • Decathlon Fresh & Black 3-person tent
  • 2x Decathlon camping chairs
  • Inflatable air mattress 140x200cm + electric pump
  • Adjustable table 120x60cm
  • Tarp for rear rain protection
  • Two camping gas stoves
  • Two sleeping bags (-4°C) + two blankets + two pillows
  • Folding spade & machete
  • Kitchen utensils, Moka pot, Tupperware containers
  • Electric water pump, compressor
  • Fire extinguisher, warning triangles, steering wheel lock, lug wrench, car jack
  • CAT Starter Kit + jumpstart cables
  • Basic tool kit, gloves, WD-40, multiple straps and ropes
  • Small 12V fan, small Bluetooth speaker
  • Cloth towel and camping shower
  • Spare drive belt, 2x 20-liter canisters (water & gasoline)
  • Several crates

Whether you’re planning your next cross-country adventure or seeking a reliable ride for everyday use, Julio is ready to hit the road with you.


Some repairs are needed to ensure optimal functionality of certain features:

  • The central locking system, required for remote control operation, requires attention from an electrician.
  • Likewise, the electronic winch also needs repair by an electrician.
  • Additionally, the 12v connection in the trunk, vital for the refrigerator’s operation when the engine is off, needs replacement due to a loose contact, causing reduced functionality.