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129.200 kms

This cute little ex-schoolbus has only lived 3 vanlifes so far, and with its low mileage and all the love it has received, it’ll take you on many more miles of worry-free adventure.

The Mitsubishi L300 has a great reputation and it isn’t for nothing: while not being a 4×4 it drove us effortlessly on all kinds of roads, and replacement parts are easy to find all over South America. This one isn’t only cosy, it also has everything you need to live autonomously in full comfort (insulation, solar panel, fridge, water).

๐Ÿ’ก Electricity

– 100W solar panel with autonomous electrical circuit
– Seperate battery (you can give yourself starting aid if needed)
– Sparco Smart Charger (on 220V plugs)
– Alpicool 20L fridge
– Water pump for the sink
– 220 Volt converter, 3 plugs for laptops, mobiles etc.
– 2 lights (one in the kitchen and the other one in the bedroom)

๐Ÿ  Equipment:

๐Ÿ›Œ Living
– Bed 1.40 x 2.00 meter
– Mattress topper, blankets, pillows and sheets
– Conversion to seating mode when cooking
– Dual gas stove with full Chilean gas tank
– Fully equipped kitchen with pots, pans and all nessesary tools

๐Ÿ“ฆ Miscellaneous

– 30L liter water tank
– 20L extra fuel tank
– Solar shower
– Roof rack with a rachet strap
– Tarp with 4 tent poles
– 1 camping table and 2 camping chairs
– 1 small stool
– 2 yoga mats
– Fishing gear
– 1 Safe (2 keys) for your most important belongings

๐Ÿ› ๏ธSecurity

– 2 car keys
– Separate steering weel lock
– Starting aid cables
– Spare wheel
– Shovel if stuck in sand/mud
– Pulling chain if really stuck
– First aid kit and fire extinguisher
– Hydraulic wagon lifter
– Tool box with tools, tape, glue, screws, ratchet straps etc. etc.

๐Ÿ›  Latest garage checks

– 113,000km: oil change + oil filter + complete overhaul (suspension, engine, brakes, etc.)
– 118,000: replacement of left and right steering parts
– 121,000: oil change + oil filter + new front tyres and new lower ball joints + new water pump for the sink
– 124,000: accessory belt check and tightening, air filter cleaning

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