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Price: 11.200 euros


42.500 kms
11.200 Euros

Introducing this cherished 2017 Chevrolet N300 MAX 1.2L, a fully-equipped tiny home on wheels, perfect for two adventurers. This reliable van took its last owners through the diverse terrains of South America,from Patagonia to Bolivia and beyond, without a hitch for 9 months. With its powerful yet economical engine, high clearance, and adaptable interior, this campervan is ready to offer you the ultimate freedom and comfort on your journey through the stunning landscapes of South America. Start your adventure with a vehicle that’s as dependable as it is versatile.


1. Wide sleeping area for two people to sleep comfortably
2. Convertible to two sitting options with a table
3. Capability to be independent of campgrounds and off-grid for several days
4. Option to cook both outside and inside (in windy or bad weather)
5. Fully functional sink

– Modern 1.2-liter engine with enough power to master any slope while being fuel-efficient (less than 7 liters per 100 km on normal road conditions)
– Space-efficient interior with no wasted space, still small enough for discounts at campsites or ferries
– Discreet enough to camp everywhere without attracting attention
– Common vehicle, making it easy to find a mechanic if needed
– Air conditioning
– Back door can be used as a roof for shade and weather protection
– Insulated interior
– Huge box for clothing (accessible from inside)
– Cupboard for clothes with four cabinet doors
– Plenty of storage space under the bed with 5 large boxes

– Fixed kitchen part located at the right side door (accessible from outside and inside)
– Fully functional sink with a powerful motorhome pump
– Engel 15 fridge (16 liters)
– 3 x 20L fresh water tanks and 1 x 20L gray water tank
– Flexible 2-burner stove with 5L gas bottle (Chile connector)
– Lower part of bed convertible to eating and cooking table with two benches

– 2 x 140W solar panels
– High-quality 100Ah battery
– Charging Controller (Victor Energy SmartSolar MPPT 75 | 10)
– 230V inverter (Victor Energy pure sinewave inverter phoenix 12 | 250)
– 5 x 230V outlets
– 4 x USB charging outlets
– Warm LED light

– Custom-sized comfortable mattress (suitable for taller individuals)
– Two pillows, bedcovers, one large thinner sheet
– Custom-sized blackout and insulation mats for all windows
– Blackout curtain to separate driver’s cabin

Also Included
– Two sets of keys
– 1 steering wheel lock
– Hidden safety switch for fuel pump
– Special safety lock for rear door
– Extra locking mechanism for front and side doors
– 2 folding chairs and camping table
– Mosquito nets for front windows
– Additional mosquito net
– Small fan
– Toolbox with essential tools (including electric drill)
– 20L gasoline jerrycan
– 5th wheel
– Fire extinguisher, warning jacket, triangle
– First-aid kit
– Jumper cables
– FM Bluetooth transmitter with USB charger for connecting phone to radio
– 1 big pan
– 1 big pot with lid
– 1 moka pot for 4 espressos
– 1 cappuccino creamer
– 1 big bowl
– 1 colander
– 1 cooking knife
– Multiple dishcloths
– Small boxes
– Broom
– Spare parts

Good to Know
– New tires
– Accident-free
– Third hand
– For the last 14,000 km, only the highest fuel quality used (98 octane)
– Octane booster added in Bolivia
– New brakes at 42,500 km
– Last oil change at 43,200 km
– Left mudguard bent (see picture)