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Price: 14.000 euros


165.000 kms
14.000 Euros

Introducing this 2014 Mitsubishi L300, a reliable companion for your next adventure across the diverse landscapes of South America! With its robust build and well-maintained condition, this van is ready to hit the roads, offering a comfortable and self-sufficient travel experience for couples or small families. Equipped with a 2.4L engine generating 157 HP, manual transmission, and a host of amenities including a fully equipped kitchen, ample storage, and 175W solar panel for electricity, this van is tailored for memorable journeys. Additionally, its family-friendly setup includes a double bed, raised bed for a baby, and provisions for child seating compliance in various countries. As a common model across the Americas, finding spare parts and servicing is hassle-free, ensuring peace of mind as you explore the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures of South America. Whether navigating mountain passes or cruising along coastal roads, our Mitsubishi L300 promises reliability, comfort, and endless possibilities on the open road.

– Robust, solid, all-terrain (non-4×4) and suitable for all seasons.
– Previously used as a school transporter, now with its third family.
– Common model in America, ensuring easy servicing.
– Fully equipped with a kitchen, toolbox, bedding, and ample storage space.
– Self-sufficient in electricity (solar panel), with 90L water capacity.
– Wooden interior with blackout curtains for added comfort.

General Specifications:
– Length: 4.5m
– Height: 2.10m (including roof bars)
– Engine: 2.4L, 4 cylinders, 157 HP
– Fuel Consumption: Gasoline, 10L/100 km.
– Additional features: Fresh air and heating, car radio with cable or Bluetooth, plenty of storage under the bed

Home Comforts:
– Features an IKEA Meistervik mattress, fully equipped kitchen, water tanks, and daily cleaning equipment.
– Camping amenities include a table, chairs, tarpaulin, and sleeping bag.

Family-Friendly Setup:
– Double bed for two, plus a raised bed for a baby.
– Front seats with a baby seat included.
– Flexible configuration allows the cot to be used as a table/platform if no children are present.
– Removable platform for compliance with child seating regulations in certain countries.
– Decorations (light garlands, fluorescent llamas, and plants) included.
– Recommendations for great sleeping spots in Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia provided.

Technical Equipment:
– Includes starting aid cables, safety equipment, car leveler, anti-theft measures, snow chains, complete toolbox, and first aid kit.
– Ideal insulation for winter conditions.
– Electrical setup includes a 175W solar panel, deep cycle battery, 220V adapter, Alpicool fridge, water pump, and ceiling lamp.

Service History:
– Technical revision conducted in February 2024.
– Recent maintenance includes new tires, brake pads, cooling system, and accessory belts.
– Regular oil changes every 10,000 km.

For inquiries or to arrange a viewing, please contact us. Happy travels! 🚍❤️🌎