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Price: 17.500 euros


273.500 kms
17.500 Euros

VW Transporter

This beautiful campervan is ready for a new adventure. It’s a Volkswagen Transporter T5 1.9, from 2009, fully equipped for two people to live comfortably in. It’s perfect for the roads of South America thanks to its high clearance and turbocharged engine, allowing you to go up to 4,800 meters above sea level without any trouble.

Interior and Features

It has a wooden interior with a double bed (2×1.5m) and plenty of storage for your belongings, featuring a beautiful design created by a previous owner who was an architect. The campervan includes:

– A kitchen cabinet with drawers
– Sink
– Portable toilet
– Electric system with a deep charge battery and a 3,000W power inverter
– Roof rack with a second extra tire and 20L fuel tank

Additional Equipment

– 2 chairs
– 1 metallic stool
– 1 table
– 2 fire cookers
– Plates and cutlery
– Pots and pans
– Strainer
– 2 cutting boards
– Kitchen knives
– Plastic boxes
– Kitchen utensils
– Soup mixer
– Italian coffee machine
– Mugs and insulated mugs
– Thick foam mattress (150*200)
– Mate kit
– 2 pillows
– Sheets and blankets
– 6L grey water tank for sink
– 20L clean water can
– Shower that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter, shower tent, and carpet
– Chemical toilet
– Electric cooler (12V and 220V)
– Cigar lighter converter (to recharge a phone, etc.)
– Good audio system
– Everything you need to change a wheel
– Sleeping bags and inflatable mattresses
– Storage boxes
– Warning triangle
– 2 fire extinguishers
– Some French guide books and maps (Argentina and Chile)

 Vehicle Specifications

– **Brand:** Volkswagen
– **Model:** Transporter T5 1.9
– **Transmission:** Manual
– **Year:** 2009
– **Fuel:** Diesel

Maintenance History

There is no precise history before the previous owner, but the car was used as a school bus and was very well maintained (regular oil and filter changes, etc.). It has no body rust, and the mechanic was impressed by the state of the car, which is unusual in Chile.

– **September 2022 (245,000 km):**
– Tire replacement + 2 spare wheels
– Front suspension replacement
– Suspension ball joints replacement
– Stabilizer bar link replacement
– Suspension bearings replacement
– Suspension cups replacement
– Stabilizer bar rubbers replacement
– Air filter, oil filter, and oil change

– **February 2023 (256,000 km):**
– Fuel temperature sensor replacement
– Clutch replacement
– Rear seal from crankshaft replacement
– Transmission oil change
– Turbo replacement
– Distribution kit replacement
– Engine oil change
– Oil filter replacement
– Air filter replacement
– Pollen filter replacement
– Water pump replacement
– Distribution gasket replacement
– Front brake pads replacement

– **May 2023 (265,900 km):**
– Oil and filter change
– Preventive global check (The car’s condition was complimented by another garage)

– **June 2023 (273,500 km):**
– Oil and filter change
– Air filter change
– Pollen filter change
– Fuel filter change
– Brakes check
– Windshield replacement
– Homocinetic repair

– **December 2023 (273,500 km):**
– 4 new off-road tires
– New battery

 Additional Information

One of the four preheating elements has an issue, but this has no impact on the car’s performance. It is only used for cold starts, which have not been problematic. This issue was present when we bought the car and we did not repair it because it is difficult to fix (if not done properly, the whole engine needs to be opened) and it is not necessary. This may cause an orange engine light to appear, but it is not a problem at all.