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Price: 12.100 euros


205.000 kms
12.100 Euros

Discover this Mitsubishi L300, the ultimate travel companion with our adventure-ready van! Equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission and seating for four, this van is designed for those who love to explore. With a solar panel, fridge, water reservoir, and a host of camping essentials, you can stay at free campsites and enjoy off-grid living. Well-maintained and in excellent condition, this van is ready to take you on your next journey. Don’t miss the chance to own a reliable and fully equipped travel van that’s prepared for any adventure!

Van Specifications:
– Transmission: 5-speed manual
– Seating: 4 seats (3 in the front, 1 in the back with seatbelt)
– Condition: Good, well-maintained

Travel-Ready Features:
– Solar Panel: Powers the fridge, lights, and water pump, allowing you to stay at free campsites
– Fridge: 20L, solar-powered
– Water Reservoir: 20L with electric pump and sink
– Big Bed: 1.45m x 2.15m, convertible to seats with a table
– Cooking Facilities: Double hob (2 burners) with 5kg gas bottle, additional burner with a small gas bottle
– Roof Top Storage Box: Extra space for gear

Maintenance History:
– Purchased at 185,000 km
– Recent Work:
– 189,000 km: New wheel bearing (right rear)
– 191,000 km: Full check-up, oil and filter change, air filter cleaning
– 195,000 km: New catalytic converter, new front brake pads
– 205,000 km: Full check-up, oil and filter change

Prior Maintenance:
– 177,000 km: New head gasket, new radiator, changed mechanical engine parts (piston and spark plugs)
– 176,000 km: Changed auxiliary belts, oil, and filters
– 175,000 km: Changed timing belt
– 171,000 km: Changed tires, shock absorbers, rear brake pads, oil, and filters

Legal Details:
– Permiso de Circulacion/SOAP:*Valid until 31-3-2025
– Technical Revision: Valid until July 2024

Included Accessories:
– Lighting: Ceiling lights
– Battery: Additional 100aH battery with Phoenix sinewave converter
– Camping Gear: 4 camping chairs, camping table, pots, pans, plates, cups, utensils, 2-person trekking tent
– Storage: Multiple storage boxes (4x15L, 2x18L, 1x8L) fitting under the bed
– Extras: Car radio with USB and Bluetooth, jumper cables, jack, fuel jerry cans (2x 10L, 1x 20L), 2 spare tires, snow chains

This van is perfect for those looking for an adventure-ready vehicle that’s equipped for off-grid living and ready to go anywhere. Contact us for more details or to arrange a viewing.