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Price: 11.000 euros


Kombi T2
11.000 Euros

Meet Amunche: Your Perfect Travel Companion

This Brazilian T2 Kombi, named Amunche, captures the hearts of locals and fellow travelers alike. This van has accompanied six couples of travelers on journeys across the routes of South America who’ve cherished and improved Amunche over the years. Notable enhancements include a renovation of the underbody and the addition of rooftop storage in late 2023. In February 2024,  the upholstery and bed components was renewed. Furthermore, a comprehensive maintenance was conducted, covering brake renewal, crankshaft seal replacement, shock absorbers, steering, and gearshift system overhaul, among other things.

In April 2024, the engine underwent a thorough inspection, with essential parts like spark plugs, cylinders, valves, oil, and gasoline filters replaced as needed. Before listing, a final mechanical checkup was performed at 139,610 km, including the renewal of the alternator belt, distributor rotor, starter motor, alternator pulley set, electrical parts overhaul, and carburetor cleaning. A new solar charge controller was installed in May 2024.

Inside, Amunche is fully equipped with tools and spare parts for your convenience. It’s tailored for vanlife, offering kitchen utensils, bedding, mosquito nets, window covers, maps, travel guides, a vacuum, portable cooler and grill, a slackline as well as two folding chairs and a table for outside (additionally to the included tables inside the kombi). Amunche’s unique design allows easy access from back to front. Another advantage is the possibility to cook and eat inside.

Running on 93 petrol with an approximate gas consumption of 10l/100km and a 40L tank, Amunche boasts additional features, including:

  • Auxiliary battery powered by two rooftop solar panels and an inverter (12V/220V), providing ample charging spots (type C plugs plus one additional 12V cigarette lighter socket)
  • 55L water tank for the sink
  • USB-charged pump for potable water
  • 25L external shower
  • Gas stove with two burners and a 5L gas bottle
  • One spare wheel
  • Speakers and Bluetooth connection as well as the possibility to charge your device while driving
  • Convertible 130*180cm bed for two, which doubles as a sofa
  • Two 20L spare gasoline tanks for extended journeys
  • Various safety items are included, such as a valid fire extinguisher, a warning triangle, two fluorescent vests, jumper cables, and the necessary tools for changing a wheel