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Price: 11.500 euros


215.000 kms
11.500 Euros

More pictures soon.

For sale: A well-maintained and adventure-ready campervan, first used in February 2024. This vehicle has proven its reliability and comfort on an epic 20,000 km journey through Chile, Patagonia, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Fully equipped with a kitchen, comfortable bed, powerful secondary battery, and essential emergency gear, it’s perfect for any travel enthusiast. Despite being a non-4×4, it handled unpaved roads impressively. With up-to-date maintenance and valid paperwork, this campervan is ready for its next adventure. Don’t miss the chance to own this trusty travel companion!

Fully Equipped Kitchen
– 5L gas tank for cooking
– 20L Apicool refrigerator
– 20L water tank
– Foldable camping table
– Two chairs
– 10L solar shower

Comfortable Sleeping Arrangements
– Bed size: 145 x 210 cm with a 10 cm comfortable mattress
– Duvets and pillows for two
– Two additional warm blankets

Power and Utilities
– Powerful secondary battery with a 3000W inverter
– 220V socket for charging/running electrical devices
– Battery powers the refrigerator, water pump for the sink, and interior LED lights

Emergency Equipment
– Spare tire
– Snow chains
– Tow rope
– Jumper cables
– Battery charging device
– Tool box
– Car jack
– Safety vest
– Triangle
– Fire extinguisher

General Condition
– Tires in good condition (from 2021)
– Fuel consumption: Approximately 11L/100 km
– Boombox included (no radio)
– Minor scratches due to mileage

Recent Mechanical Maintenance
– New battery (February 2024)
– Timing belt replaced at 195,000 km
– Air filter changed at 205,000 km
– Oil filter changed at 205,000 km
– Gasoline filter changed at 205,000 km
– Thermostat replaced at 195,000 km
– Water pump of the cooling system replaced at 195,000 km
– Crankshaft and camshaft seals replaced at 205,000 km

Don’t miss the chance to own this trusty and adventure-ready campervan, fully equipped for your next journey!